Why is StaysBnB the Most Preferred Online Vacation Rental Script?

StaysBnB is one of the best Vacation Rental Scripts created with providers in the tourism, and travel sector in mind. It’s tailored in a way that you can provide same services offered by Airbnb, to rental owners in your area.

Whether it’s your first business venture or you own business website; you take advantage of the script to create a modern new website. The code is also suitable for use in other business such as a car and boat rental services.

If you need a quick start into the fast-growing travel and tourism market, StaysBnB is the best rental script and the most preferred. Some of the features that make it stand out are:

vacation rental clone script

Features of the Vacation Rental Script

The actual worth of a website can be determined, by assessing its features and functionalities. The script comes packed with a full range of features, suitable for any successful travel and booking website. These features are unique for each of the three key players that will use the site:


The administrator is the person tasked with maintenance and running the website. As an admin, you will find the software user-friendly. It enables the admin to manage the guests, room listing, payments, and the hosts.

Features such as the ability to export payment details with CSV and XLS provide compatibility with accounts management software or Excel. It provided monitoring of user login, review and rating management. These features give your full control of what happened on the site. If you don’t have technical expertise, the high-end panel CMS, makes the program usable.

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Host Features

Defined as the people offering the services, on the website, they will benefit from many highlights. StaysBnB stands out in its ability to provide hosts customized features over Vacation Rental Script open source. They get a highly friendly dashboard and ability to log in through Facebook.

Sourcing customers the site will be more profitable than relying on offline means to secure leads. They will also have more exposure to travelers from all over the world. Guests will find their premises easier through Google Maps. Thus, it is easy to attract and convince hosts in your area to sign up for the website.

Guest Features

People, who visit the site to book a place to stay, will find the website powered by the rental script easily, friendly, clean and credible. They can log in through Facebook or Google plus, use advanced search features and make instant bookings allowing for convince.

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Pros of using the Vacation Rental Clone Script

Creating a new website from scratch can set you back, thousands of dollars. Using a highly customizable script that enables the user to model their business on top is cheaper. It is a great cost saving solution. Hiring web programmers will take time and delay your opportunity to enter the market early. So, it is beneficial to go with the ready-made rental script.


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